Can A Coach Really Help Me?

In sports, all teams from little league to professional sports, all require a coach. Why? Because coaches foster accountability, heightens and accelerates results. A coach motivates, directs/instructs, counsel, and encourages the team and with persistence and dedication, the team is successful. So if a coach can do that in sports, why not in life. Yes, sure, we all have a certain level of passion, drive, determination, and ambition within us. But don’t we all need accountability and/or to accelerate results in our lives or in our careers. We all could benefit from having someone in our corner to cheer us on and push us to our optimum potential.

10 Reasons Why Coaching Can Be Helpful To You…

  1. Build—coaches build clients confidence, self-worth & self-esteem. They also build valuable skills and knowledge that can be used to advance in life or career.
  2. Challenge—Coaches challenge clients to pull ideas and dreams from them.
  3. Focus—Coaches help the client determine and focus on what’s important.
  4. Improve—coaches improve performance or retention on your job, in life or in business.
  5. Develop—Coaches guide the work of creating actions and strategic plan and support for positive change.
  6. Guides—Coaches work as a trusted guide, mentor, counselor or a thought partner.
  7. Feedback—Coaches gives feedback that one may not realize is not working and leads that person to the right steps towards success.
  8. Accelerates—Coaches assist client in taking that leap of faith, despite fear, uncertainty, doubts, “obstacles,” and the opinion of others and catapult them toward their destiny
  9. Accountability—in coaching accountability is very critical and the most valuable tool for good success.
  10. Purpose—coaches help clients to live a purpose-driven fulfilled life with an unapologetically clear vision.

I hope this article is helpful. Let us know your thoughts…

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