How Do You Get Rid of Negative Thoughts…?

How do you get rid of negative thoughts towards yourself, your relationships or your past? Some may say renew your mind with new ideas, new thoughts and/or surround yourself with positive people. I do agree with all of that and I even tell my clients to do the same things. But sometimes when you have no books, tapes, webinars and/or no one around. I have found that if we are willing to listen, God has a way of canceling the lies we tell ourselves and the lies we decided to accept spoken by others over our lives. He cancels the lies with His truth, which is liberating, kind, loving, and outright powerful. And that is what a loving parent does isn’t it?

For instance, I had very low self-esteem when I was in high school (funny thing, people who know me now never believe this). I remember one-night driving, feeling bad about myself and crying out to God, telling Him that I was ugly, and no one would want me. I remember His response so clearly, “You are calling me a liar.” My response to Him, of course, was, “No way, God. I would never call you a liar.” He then responded, “Didn’t I say that everything I have made was beautiful, good and that you are fearfully and wonderfully made? So, when you call yourself ugly, you are calling me a liar.” That response hit me like a brick! But it was the truth.

Another thing I found is that, He doesn’t stop until you really get it. He uses people, like my Aunt Jen, to explain the importance of changing my thoughts. I remember asking her once if she thought I was pretty, and her response was very surprising. She said, “I will not answer that question because if you think or believe that you are ugly, there is nothing I can say that can change your perception of yourself until you change the way that you view yourself.”

It might seem harsh, but it is so true. God says in Proverbs 23, that “Whatsoever a man thinks in his heart so is he.” Your actions will align with your thoughts, good or bad. However, it was a process and those words gave me such hope and that hope enabled the power of God’s grace to be manifested within me. And once I came into that understanding, it not only changed my perception of myself, but it is also allowing me to affect others around me.

You see, like you and many others, I have allowed society, friends, and family members to define who I am, and many of you could come alongside me and testify to the damage this may have caused. Throughout my younger years, I always heard family members saying, “Your nose is so big” or “Your hair is so bad” (black pepper grain, they use to call it—Caribbean people, you know exactly what I am talking about).

After hearing those words throughout my formative years, I started to develop a sense of inferiority when it came to my appearance and my hair. This inferiority traveled all the way into my teenage years, and it played a big role in how I viewed myself. Therefore, that’s why it was hard for me to believe and see that I was beautiful. But I am so thankful to God that He will never give up on us. He will cause His truths to revolutionize the way we see ourselves if we allow Him to. So, how do we get rid of negative thoughts? Allow God’s Word to transform your thought and renew your mind. Its Life changing!

Who else can testify of this?

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