Rose- Coaching Client

I have made many decisions in my life…some not so good and some pretty good, but the one good decision I made was hiring Vivalyn as my Personal Life Coach.  “The quality of our lives is contingent upon the people we allow into it.” I was struggling as a new entrepreneur trying to start a new business. Vivalyn was able to take me to a higher level of understanding.  She gave me the necessary tools I needed and the confidence to walk into my dream. Having her as a life coach helped me to overcome the oppositions I was faced with. She is strategic and every step was thoughtfully and intentionally thought through. Now I am a successful business owner with a thriving business!!! I am very excited that my life has gone from having nothing ( living from pillar to post) to being fulfilled and living a life of commitment, purpose, and much possibilities.!! Vivalyn is top notch….a valuable asset.  She comes highly recommended as a life coach. Her character speaks for itself!! I am finally on my way!