That Horrifying Four Letter Word

That Horrifying Four Letter Word…

We all have come face to face with this horrifying four-letter word, F-E-A-R. It doesn’t matter if you are a billionaire, poor, Einstein, or an average learner, fear does not discriminate!  Fear can block you from reaching your full potential and steal your destiny.

Many, including myself; have passed up various opportunities because of FEAR. Fear of failure, the unknown, or fear of what people might say or think.  Sometimes fear even sneaks up on us, and we don’t realize that we are walking in fear until we stop to analyze the situation.  Fear lies to us…It tells us that we are not qualified; we can’t start that business or that ministry; we can’t get that degree; we can’t win that championship; we can’t start over or get that dream job! ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!  Tell fear, to step back and allow God’s promises to lead you.

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Can A Coach Really Help Me?

In sports, all teams from little league to professional sports, all require a coach. Why? Because coaches foster accountability, heightens and accelerates results. A coach motivates, directs/instructs, counsel, and encourages the team and with persistence and dedication, the team is successful. So if a coach can do that in sports, why not in life. Yes, sure, we all have a certain level of passion, drive, determination, and ambition within us. But don’t we all need accountability and/or to accelerate results in our lives or in our careers. We all could benefit from having someone in our corner to cheer us on and push us to our optimum potential.

10 Reasons Why Coaching Can Be Helpful To You…

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