Debbie R.-Coaching Client

Around 2005 I had decided to make a change in my life to lose weight but knew I won’t achieve my goal alone. I knew Vivalyn had a strong passion for seeing people healthy, so I connected with her. Vivalyn became my personal coach. She gave me a time limit for my weight loss goal, my eating schedule and was very faithful being with me in the gym. There were many days I wanted to quit but she wouldn’t let me. Needless to say, I surpass my goal…It was the BEST feeling ever! Vivalyn is a motivator, a goal achiever and always aims to win! Thanks, Viv for being my coach!

Rose- Coaching Client

I have made many decisions in my life…some not so good and some pretty good, but the one good decision I made was hiring Vivalyn as my Personal Life Coach.  “The quality of our lives is contingent upon the people we allow into it.” I was struggling as a new entrepreneur trying to start a new business. Vivalyn was able to take me to a higher level of understanding.  She gave me the necessary tools I needed and the confidence to walk into my dream. Having her as a life coach helped me to overcome the oppositions I was faced with. She is strategic and every step was thoughtfully and intentionally thought through. Now I am a successful business owner with a thriving business!!! I am very excited that my life has gone from having nothing ( living from pillar to post) to being fulfilled and living a life of commitment, purpose, and much possibilities.!! Vivalyn is top notch….a valuable asset.  She comes highly recommended as a life coach. Her character speaks for itself!! I am finally on my way!

Rose L.

Great book and a great read. Understanding the faithfulness of God’s love for me…–Rose L.

Lesley A. R.

Beautifully done! It was a great read. I can’t remember the last time I’ve read a book straight through. It’s very uplifting, encouraging and a great reminder. Next Step: audiobook so that this generation of non-readers can hear…

Judith H.

Enlightening, educational (made me go back to the bible to study scriptures) and very thought provocation.–Judith H.

Louie P.

A wonderful book, I will be recommending this book to others…I really like the chapter on lessons learned.–Louie P.

Angela R.

After reading your book, I was totally convinced that the lord was speaking expressly to me. I had been meditating on scripture to renew my mind, one scripture comes to mind,Rom:12;1,2 And be not conform to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may demonstrate what is that good, and acceptable and perfect will of God; another 2 Cor. 5-21 Jesus took my sin so that I might be made the Righteousness of God In Him; with  this scripture and reading your book brought back to me of  who I am. In chapter 3, [watch your words] helped me tremendously in the process of renewing my mind. I took the challenge to do the exercise at the end of the chapter, and began my day with right thoughts, each morning as I opened my eyes I would purpose to say, Good Morning Holy Spirit; I would begin to think good thoughts, Phil 4:8, as I kept doing this exercise, I realize my words were less negative and more positive. I continue to confess who I am every day and declare positive words out of my mouth. I am truly thankful for you and the time that you spend in writing WHO AM I to all who read this book

Betsi C.

Your book is full of encouragement and love…in addition to being very well written. I loved your personal examples and how simple you made the love of the Father. It’s a beautiful book and I’m looking forward to you teaching a class with the content of your book.

Sally W.

Great Book! The part about having “good thoughts” resonates with me the most. Sally W.